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  • What is air conditioner fan motor?


    Air conditioner fan motor is the vital component in the operation of the air conditioning. It must be running well for the AC unit to do its job. The air conditioner fan motor drives the AC fan, which blows air in and out of the house. This is important for moving hot air to the outside of the building, as well as blowing cool air through the ductwork and into the rooms. AC fan motors from air conditioner fan motor manufacturers China - CPMDJ are mainly single phase capacitor start air conditioner motors.There is an external capacitor that is connected in series with the START winding. Read More

  • What is a fan coil motor?


    FCU fan motor ( Fan coil unit motor ) is a kind of PSC motor ( permanent split capacitor motor ) which with a running / starting capacitor to get the fan coil electric motors started and continue to run. Our coil fan motors are generally a class B insulated fan coil blower motor with sealed for life ball bearings which enable operation at temperatures of -30 to +50 ℃. Read More

  • What is a Fan Motor?


    There are actually three different motors in your air conditioning unit: condenser fan motor, blower motor, and compressor motor. The condenser fan motor powers the fan blade forcing air out of the condenser, pulling air out of the cabinet, transferring heat form the compressor and condenser coil. It helps keep the compressor from overheating. This part cools the refrigerant that moved through the condensing coils in your outside unit. The blower motor is located in the air handler. The compressor motor is located in the outdoor unit. CPMDJ offers various Air-Conditioner Fan Motors for a variety of popular models of equipment. Read More

  • Working Principle of an AC Motor and Fan Motor Manufacturer


    The AC motor is the heart of the air conditioner. Without the AC fan motor, the air conditioner cannot be started, let alone other functions. Such a large air conditioner depends on the operation of this small air conditioner fan motor, so you need a stable quality and low temperature rise fan motor. A good air conditioner motor is very important. However, how does the air conditioner motor start? Let me introduce the principle of the air conditioner motor to you. Read More

  • How to Check if Your AC Fan Motor is Bad in 7 Steps


    When the fan isn't working properly, you won't feel the air coming out of the vents, and the A/C coil will eventually freeze. So if you want your air conditioner to work, it has to be in good shape. Follow these simple steps to test your air conditioner's fan motor. Read More

  • 5 Signs That Indicate Your AC Fan Motor Is Bad


    When your air conditioner suddenly fails, it can be difficult to know where to start identifying the problem. 1. The Fan Won’t Start Even Though The AC Is On If the fan doesn't start even when the AC power is turned on, this could be a clear sign of a failed motor. When an air conditioner runs with Read More

  • How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fan Motor?


    An air conditioner unit has so many different parts that it can be difficult to know which parts need to be replaced and how much it will cost to repair the unit. If you find a problem with your condenser fan motor, you may be wondering how much parts and repair service will cost. Read More

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