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Indoor Fan Motor Manufacturers

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Indoor Fan Motor Manufacturer & Supplier

Fan motors of low temperature rise, high efficiency and low noise laminations make our indoor fan motors the first choice for customers available in closed and open construction with copper and aluminum winding options. In-house facilities such as lamination stamping, rotor die casting, automatic machine winding, powder coated housing, cover manufacturing and computerized testing of indoor fan motor makes our  fan motor factory the preferred fan motor supplier for customers worldwide.Since our fan motor manufacturer was built, our fan motor has kept pace with our clients, striving to achieve overrated ratings.

Indoor Fan Motor Products

Indoor Fan Motor For Sale

    Model Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Output(W) Speed(RPM) Capacitor(μF)
    YDK83-20-4 208-230 50/60 20 1300 2
    YDK93-16-4 208-230 50/60 16 1300 1.5
    YDK93-25-4 208-230 50/60 25 1300 2.5
    YDK95-25-6 208-230 50/60 25 880 2.5
    YDK95-35-6 208-230 50/60 35 880 3
    YDK95-45-6 208-230 50/60 45 880 3.5
    YDK120-60-6 208-230 50/60 60 850 4
    YDK120-30-8 208-230 50/60 30 520 3
    YDK120-50-8 208-230 50/60 50 520 4
    YDK120-74-4A 220-240 50 74 1390/3 SPD 4
    YDK120-75-6A 220-240 50 75 850 4
    YDK120-90-4A 208-230 60 90 1550 4
    YDK120-90-6 220 50 90 890/3 SPD 5
    YDK120-90-6A2 220-240 50 90 850 5
    YDK120-110-6A2 220-240 50 110 900 5
    YDK120-150-6A 220-240 50 150 840/3 SPD 6
    YDK120-185-4A 220-240 50 185 1250 5
    YDK120-185-4A2 220-240 50 185 1050/3 SPD 10
    YDK120-185-6A 220-240 60 185 950 5
    YDK120-185-6A2 220-240 50 185 950 5
    YDK139-100-10 208-230 50/60 100 480 6
    YDK139-150-6 208-230 50/60 150 900 10
    YDK139-250-6 208-230 50/60 250 900 10

Indoor Fan Motor Quality Control

 - Low Temperature Rise

To meet the needs and expectations of customers, employees and suppliers, CPMDJ, as one of the leading fan motor manufacturers and suppliers in the fan motor industry, has developed and implemented a structured and efficient quality management system. We are committed to putting quality into action in all manufacturing processes, from indoor fan motor raw material procurement to manufacturing to finished indoor fan motor delivery.
One of our main quality policy is consistently meeting customer needs and ensuring that all indoor fan motors on the market are safe for their intended use. High quality and reliable raw materials for the final indoor fan motor are essential to CPMDJ. This solved a problem many customers had with rising temperatures and causing the fan motor to stop.


Changzhou Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd has strict quality control procedures for inspecting quality and control parameters, at each manufacturing level of each unit, to ensure defect-free indoor fan motors and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Indoor Fan Motor Manufacturing Capabilities

  Indoor Fan Motor Stator Manufacturing

CPMDJ winds stator coils and builds custom stator assemblies to your design for indoor fan motors from 5W to 1100W. We apply fully automatic machines to automatically insert both lap and concentric wound coils for single, three phase power AC stators, as well as DC stators. We offer stator cores by our own high speed punch. Every one of our stators is wound, assembled, and tested by an experienced technician.

Indoor Fan Motor Stator Capabilities

● Stator Core Construction
● Epoxy Bonding
● Welding
● Riveting

● Stator Construction
● Hand Wire Insertion
● Machine Wire Insertion
● Varnishing

● Dip and Bake Varnishing
● VPI Varnishing
● Trickle Varnishing

  Indoor Fan Motor Rotor Manufacturing

CPMDJ manufactures a variety of rotors for different indoor fan motor stypes and sizes, please contact CPMDJ today to learn more about our rotor manufacturing capabilities for indoor fan motors.

Indoor Fan Motor Rotor Manufacturing Capabilities

● AC Rotors
● EC Rotors
● Copper Casting
● Aluminum Casting

● Induction Brazing
● Rotor Assembly
● Rotor Balancing
● Permanent Magnet Rotors

● High Quality Rotor Casting Project
● High Quality Rotor Casting Information

  Indoor Fan Motor Rotor & Shaft Assemblies

CPMDJ manufactures a variety of rotor and shaft assemblies and subassemblies for indoor fan motors, both manufactured in-house and customer supplied. Please contact CPMDJ today to learn more about our Indoor Fan Motor Rotor and Shaft Assembly capabilities. All assemblies and subassemblies for indoor fan motor are inspected by the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and other high quality gauging.

Indoor Fan Motor Rotor and Shaft Assembly Capabilities

● In House Machine Shop
● CNC Lathes

● CNC Mills
● CNC OD Grinding

● Balancing

  Indoor Fan Motor Assembly and Test

CPMDJ, one of the leading fan motor manufacturers & suppliers in China, finish indoor fan motor assemblies with stator assemblies, rotor assemblies and front cover in own factory. Please contact CPMDJ today to learn more about Indoor Fan Motor Assembly and Test capabilities.

Indoor Fan Motor Test in CPMDJ covers

● noise test
● stator insulation test
● appearance detection

● motor integrated test bench
● high performance electric motor testing by dynamometer

● motor performance test

● electronic integrated test bench for winding inserting

Full Solutions From Indoor Fan Motor Factory

Motor Temperature Rise​​​​​​​

Indoor fan motor will not burn out if the indoor fan motor case temperature is below 90℃. Motor temperature rise is the difference between the motor temperature and the ambient temperature after operating a motor at full load. Normally an automatic reset type thermal protector is offered with all our indoor fan motors, It automatically turns on / off the contact depending on the temperature.

Indoor Fan Motor Noise​​​​​​​

Determining the source of noise in an indoor fan motor is often more challenging than correcting it. The main causes are magnetic noise, slip noise, skewing, unequal air gap, mechanical noise, loose stator core,bearings, airborne noise, windage noise. CPMDJ, fan motor manufacturer & supplier, concerns all these facts and design your indoor fan motor to best performance.​​​​​​​

Indoor Fan Motor Model​​​​​​​

CPMDJ, indoor fan motor factory, manufacturer & supplier, also provides OEM service for indoor fan motor replacement, Changzhou Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd also provides OEM service for air conditioner indoor unit fan motors. Contact your indoor fan motor factory, supplier & manufacturer, CPMDJ, for indoor fan motor cost.​​​​​​​

Indoor Fan Motor Size​​​​​​​

For indoor fan motor, various motor frame sizes are available. Here are some indoor fan motor frame size details. Main sizes of our indoor fan motor include 42 frame PSC motor, 48 permanent split capacitor motor, 56 frame indoor fan motor or say motor dimensions of YDK120,YDK139, YDK140...​​​​​​​

Indoor Fan Motor Power​​​​​​​

In an  indoor fan motor, the mechanical power is defined as the speed times the torque. Motor power is typically defined as kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (hp) with one watt equaling one joule per second or one Newton-Meter per second. Our indoor fan motor power range from 5w to 1100w or as your needs. 

Indoor Fan Motor Pole​​​​​​​

The number of poles or the number of magnetic poles refers to the magnetic poles. The speed of indoor fan motor can be determined by the number of poles of the indoor fan motor and the frequency of the electrical service. Poles range of indoor fan motor from our fan motor manufacturer are mostly 4, 6 poles, 8 poles, 10 poles and 12 poles.​​​​​​​

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Fan Motor

CPMDJ Wide Collection of Indoor Fan Motors

CPMDJ is offering a wide collection of Indoor Fan Motors to fulfill varied needs of our clients. The specialized professionals design and develop the offered indoor fan motors with required features and dimension to make them compatible to their applications. Our clients appreciate the offered indoor fan motors for its complete collection of parts used in air conditioner indoor unit. With our efficiency and in-depth knowledge, Changzhou Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd is committed to manufacturing a full range of indoor fan motors suitable for various air conditioning unit.

Indoor Fan Motor Questions & Answers

  • How can I get in touch with you quickly for fan motor / centrifugal fan?

    You can send us quotation of fan motors / centrifugal fans via our website, OR send an email to, OR call us:0086 18961226028 OR add WECHAT: 0086 18961226028 OR add WHATSAPP:0086 158618798425 for AC Fan Motors / Centrifual Blowers price.
  • Can we load maximum quantity of Fan Motor / Centrifual Fan to the container?

    CPMDJ calculates the container space accurately based on customers' order quantity to ensure it without much space wasting when loading for Centrifual Fan / Fan Motor. our own logistic team will ensure the best freight charge and port charge too. The maximum quantity of Centrifual Blower / AC Fan Motors for each containter can be loaded is guaranteed.
  • How do we control quality for Centrifual Fan / Fan Motors?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motors. All the centrifugal blowers or fan motors are 100% quality inspection. Including:

    In-coming Raw Materials Inspection

    Initial for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor Inspection

    Semi-finished Parts of Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor Inspection

    During Production Inspection

    Finished Centrifugal Fan or Fan Motor Inspection

    Pre-shipment for Centrifual Fan Blower / Indoor Fan Motors Inspection

    Container Loading Inspection for Centrifual Blower / HVAC Fan Motor

    Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction for Centrifual Fans / Fan Motors.

  • How about your delivery time for Indoor Fan Motor?

    Generally, it will take 10-15 working days to finish a 1x20GP container and 15-25 working days to finish a 1x40HQ container indoor fan motor. If the quantity is more than 2 containers, about 20-35 0days, for more quantity of centrifugal fan or ac fan motors, we could discuss delivery solution and give you a better delivery schedule.
  • What are your main products?

    As a professional Fan Motor suppliers and Centrifugal Fan suppliers, CPMDJ supplies the full support for producing Condenser Fan Motors, Evaperative Cooler Motors, Air Conditioner Fan Motors, Fan & Blower Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, Universal Fan Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Fan Coil Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, BLDC Fan Motors, EC Motors and other HVAC motors; b. ac & ec centrifugal fan & centrfugal blower.
  • Indoor Fan Motor Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are Self-owned Factory who founded in 2005. CPMDJ owns 3 factories, fan motor factory, centrifugal fan manufacturer, stator and rotator manufacturer for  fan motor. Owning 10k+ ㎡ factory area,10+ senior engineer to offer solutions for HVAC fan motors.  We are the leading fan motor suppliers & manufacturers with OEM services to customers all over the world.​​​​

Not sure where to start? We're here to help!

There's a lot to consider when it comes to ordering fan motors. The CPMDJ team is here for you. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll help you determine which fan motor options are best for your application.


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