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Working Principle of an AC Motor and Fan Motor Manufacturer

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The AC motor is the heart of the air conditioner. Without the AC fan motor, the air conditioner cannot be started, let alone other functions. Such a large air conditioner depends on the operation of this small air conditioner fan motor, so you need a stable quality and low temperature rise fan motor. A good air conditioner motor is very important. However, how does the air conditioner motor start? Let me introduce the principle of the air conditioner motor to you.

Working Principle of an AC Motor

The fundamental operation of an A/C Motor depends on the principle of magnetism. The simple AC Motor contains a coil of wire and two fixed magnets surrounding a shaft. When an electric (AC) charge applies to the coil of wire, it becomes an electromagnet. This electromagnet generates a magnetic field.

Inside the stator, there is a solid metal axle, a loop of wire, a coil, a squirrel cage made of metal bars and some other freely rotating metal part that can conduct electricity. In an AC motor you send power to the outer coils that make up the stator. The coils energized in pairs, in sequence, producing a magnetic field that rotates around the outside of the motor.

Do you know, how does this rotating field make the motor move?

The rotor suspended inside the magnetic field. The magnetic field is constantly changing due to rotation so, according to the law of electromagnetism, the magnetic field produces an electric current inside the rotor.


Fan Motor Manufacturer, Supplier & Factory

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The above is a brief introduction about the working principle of AC motor and the brand of the air conditioner motor. Welcome to contact us for more information.